вторник, 29 мая 2007 г.

Dir en grey | [PV] -KIMON-

Dir en grey | [PV] -KIMON-
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Dir en grey - KIMON + [Live in Taipei].part1
Dir en grey - KIMON + [Live in Taipei].part2
Dir en grey - KIMON + [Live in Taipei].part3
Dir en grey - KIMON + [Live in Taipei].part4

7 комментариев:

丸吉 комментирует...

it "-kimon-"part1 and part2 is the same .

nicol комментирует...

plis the part2, part1 and part2 is the same

Marie комментирует...

перезалейте же второй архииив!

Анонимный комментирует...

i've found you blog by chance : thank you !

just one things, i've seen that people already comment about it but : we can't open the files if we hadn't the part 2 could you tell me where i can find it please ???

Toshiya комментирует...

i was lookin for this dvd for a long time thank you <3

i don't know if you still check your comments (i hope you do) but can you answer me please ? even if it's a negative answer : what happened to part two ? the others files are unusable without this one T___T i've search again i can't find it anywhere else

help please (my mail :

Kibum комментирует...

aaah F*** the second link doen't work !!

it's very nice to share it with us but FOR GOD SAKE PLEASE !!!! can you tell me where i can find it if you can't reupload it ? or at liste where did you get it ? .... i've search everywhere with no result *.*

marcelo комментирует...

part 1 and 2 are the same please
put the part 2